This stunning, Depression Era, “bare bulb” chandelier is a match to item #1526 which has candle type lights (and potentially hangs lower, for a dining room setting). Both feature heavy, ornately cast bodies each with five arms, and similarly spectacular bobesches or faux wax cups. The exuberant, Art Deco styling is finished in dark, coppery tones. Note also the ten point stars, also heavy castings, surrounding the canopies. THE ORIGINAL TASSEL HAS BEEN FOUND, AND WILL REPLACE THE ONE SHOWN IN THESE PHOTOS. IT MATCHES THE ONE ON #1526. (See last photo of chandelier hanging in the window.) 24″ long (can be shortened a little). Both items #1525 & 1526 are available as a set of two, for $850 (a savings of $75).

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